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Please play and explore my page links and blogs below. Feel free to check it out and have fun, you aren't going to hurt anything. I intend to demonstrate the advances I have made through my studies in the Sonoma State Universities Masters program. My area of emphasis is Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning with a focus in Educational Technology. I have developed connections through my use of Sculpture and Tinkering, to promote a learning environment for my future students that is accessible to a wide range of learners and learning styles.


This page is a compilation of my favorite RESOURCES that I have found to be interesting and useful. 

Written Works

Beatham, M. (2008). Tools of Inquiry: Seperating Tool and Task to Promote True Learning. Journal of Educational Technology Systems, 37 (1).

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Papert, S. (1993). The Children's Machine: Rethinking Schools in the Age of the Computer. New York: Basic Books.

Video Works

ABC Channel 7 Behind the Scenes of the New Exploritorium

Dougherty, D. (2011). Project Make. Sebastopol: YouTube Analy High School Project Make

DuVander, D. Tinkering Mindset 1

Tulley, G. Tinkering School

Jenkins, H. Participatory Culture Interview Short

SSU Commencement Sculpture Projects 2013. My sculpture "KinEducs" is discussed from 1:12-1:48

Tulley, G. (2010). Tinkering School in Action. Life Lessons Through Tinkering

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